Hubert Senters here. Got another question from Rich here. Let’s take a look at. Tesla announced they will have a 5 for 1 stock split and their stock increases in value about $90 overnight. My question is why is the company worth more now, or do individuals just want to buy it her and hope that when it splits the prices edge up again? If you go back and look at the studies when stock split overall they will go up before the split and they will go up after the split and then after that they’ll pull back a little bit. Yeah. That’s what they’re betting now. If splitting a stock increases a company’s value then every company’s board of directors should consider doing this to better serve their shareholders. I am correct in this assumption? Yes and no. So what they usually do is most big companies or tech companies in general when they’re price get so high. Let’s take a look at Tesla really quick.  So I would call a stock that’s priced at $2,238 volatility expensive across the board so the reason they do it is to make it so that more people that have smaller accounts or someone that can afford to buy one share at $2,000 if they’re going to do a 5 to 1 stock split it will make it more expensive which will bring more buyers into the fold which will then increase the price again. And I think Apple’s got too, AAPL. I know you’re asking about Tesla so let’s do that, TSLA. But you’re right in most of your assumptions. And just remember the reason this stuff is valuable is because all of us idiots is trading this stuff. And I’m calling myself an idiot too. We are pretending that it is worth that value. I am saying that right now if I want to buy I’d be willing to bet that it’s worth $2,238 where somebody else maybe ”hey, I think it’s worth $2,500 and somebody else may like ”hey, I think it’s worth $1,500. Well, your price is out of the market at that point so all of the market is a price discovery of what all of us collectively as a bunch of speculators or investors or traders think that this thing is fairly valued at. And we’re all just saying like ”hey, I think it’s worth at.” And the bid I spread will be the price discovery of that so Tesla may not be worth half of what it’s worth right now. Who really knows? On evaluations and stuff that’s the reason I like trading technical versus fundamentals. Fundamentals I mean I’ve seen companies that were killing it P&L wise but don’t trade very effectively. I’ve also seen companies that burn through money like Uber and they go up. So you know they’ll try to figure out to the pin point preciseness to where it confuses you because heads up you can’t figure out all of these stuff so. The best thing to do is to find a trend trade it and once it stops stop doing that and trade some of the best. It was a good question. Trade Thirsty is hosting Vantage Point. This is a cool piece of software that has a really good back tested three day prediction algorithm. That’s fancy way of saying it’s going to tell you within a mathematical certainty what the thing you’re looking at is going to do over the next three days. It’s a good piece of software. I’ve used it. I still have access to it. It’s good. It’s simple to use. And it can help you time things if you’re not good at timing things. Go checkout their webinar Thursday, August 27th. I think they’re going to done on Saturday. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.