Hubert Senters here. Had a question from a viewer. Netflix had a pretty big selloff today. They’re asking this question on Friday obviously. It looks like it might go lower I see that it might go down to $438, what is your down target? So for me I would not short Netflix until it broke below the cloud on a multiple day swing trade of more than three to five days. You can short it but I wouldn’t hold it for more than three to five days. That’s a better way to say it. I would wait until it goes below the cloud to really hold it for more than three to five days. Now, if you look at the 60 minute sell signal here on this chart. It had a 60 minute sell signal and now it’s back in the cloud. It may or may not hold. That being said the target would be obviously $417-ish, $409-ish and then $400-ish. So $417, $409 and $400 even. Just be careful with. I’m going to be speaking at the Wealth365 event which is happening in about 13 days 16 hours 21 minutes. It’s according to my countdown timer here. If you want to come and watch all of the speakers. It could be one of the best events online. Tons of speakers. Tons of different subject matter, experts. I will be there talking about the markets. Just REGISTER right here and then it will get you set-up to attend the online event in the next two weeks. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.