Hubert Senters here. Got a question from a viewer, Tony. Want me to take a look at TCEHY and Under Armour, UA. So Tony, so let’s take a look here. I don’t know if you’re long or short. I’m just going give you my honest opinion here. It looks like it’s going lower. Well, first off I don’t trade a ton over-the-counter stuff just because I just don’t trade a ton over-the-counter stuff but it’s not a good thing or bad thing. It’s just a thing. It has had one heck of a run down here from $24 all the way up here until it broke the cloud. I’m going to zoom in here. And now since it’s broken the cloud at this area right in here around $53-ish, right. It hasn’t really been able to get above and stay above the cloud. It had one day here and then it just got smacked back down below. Looks like it’s going to go lower so fast trying to figure out which way it was going. I would say you’re probably long this thing just because it had a nice run. But if you’re short looks like it can go a lot lower. Let’s take a little bit longer timeframe here. Now, what we can do here is usually what these things will do is build a base from one of these holes all the way up and then they’ll sell off. If it does not hold this area of $37.91, it’s pretty much going to drop to $32. If the $32 area does not hold then it can retrace all the way back down here to this base around $24 so just be careful with it. That is your first one and then Under Armour. Let’s take a look at it on a daily, UA also a decent short. This one looks like a little bit better long than the earlier one then. I mean it’s not as short-ish looking. If it can hold this area of $17.35 it might be okay. But it’s below the cloud so I wouldn’t get long it until quote back above $20. Looks like it’s going to float back down here towards $15. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.