Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Steve. Hi Hubert, I enjoy your videos. Thank you Steve. I appreciate it. MRNA & BNTX have been dropping like a rock over the past week or so. Where do you think are buy points for them? Let me go over and take a look at the charts and see if I can figure this out. So when you’re dealing with this stuff the reason I like charts way better than I like fundamentals is because you’re dealing with fear and greed. When you’re dealing with covid and vaccines and stuff like this. If you just read the charts regardless of what the fundamentals are going to tell you. The technicals in my opinion are going to tell you a true story because anytime we are playing the markets are betting the markets we’re speculating. That’s all we’re doing. It’s a massive group of people think its worth $200 and there’s a massive amount of people that think its worth $60. And somewhere in the middle we’re right now in the $111. Here’s how I would approach MRNA. Number one it needs to touch the cloud and then bounce off of the cloud. If it can’t do that and then I want to close above $124.96 that yellow line right there. And at that point I’d be comfortable getting long. Now, if you don’t wait for daily you can always sneak in there on a 60-minute buy signal or if you’re day trader you could use a 10-minute buy signal. A 10-minute is usually good for three to four hours. A 60-minute is usually good for three to five days. And then a daily chart is going to be good for couple weeks. So there’s your issue on MRNA. Let’s go to BNTX. So this one in my opinion would be a short because it’s three bars below the cloud. So for me that means shorter so this one’s probably going to go to $61 or lower. Now, I would change my tune if it would work its way back above the cloud and hang there for at least three days. Steve hopefully that helps you out. Mark Helweg is going to be doing a special webinar on ”How to Access the Ultimate Inside Info for the NYSE: And it’s 100% Legal!” Click to CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW. The webinar is going to be Tuesday, January 5th at 8PM EST on ”How to Access the Ultimate Inside Info for the NYSE: And it’s 100% Legal!” I use this everyday when I intraday trade. It’s NYSE tick indicator. In my opinion it can give you an unfair advantage against people that don’t know what’s out there and don’t know how to use it so go checkout Mark’s webinar, January 5th at 8PM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.