Hubert Senters here. I had a question from a Rich asked me what I think about this and you have an analysis so it’s got a paragraph of question. I’ll just paraphrase. He just want to know should he wait or should he get long here? What you’re trying to do, obviously. It looks pretty good to me though, Rich. I mean RIG is one, two, three above the cloud. And obviously, if it’s above on the cloud on the daily, you know, that the 60s looking good and then also that the 10 minute looks decent. So for me it looks good. Only other thing is if you are totally risk averse. In other words, you like less risk as opposed to more risk. You could wait until it cleared this little double top that it’s got out there because right now it’s going to be a triple top. So if you are really risk averse you could wait until it clears this area of $14.35. It looks okay though. Now, if you look at RIG Transocean one thing that you should also look at would be crude oil and crude oil’s got that same thing going on. I know it’s not the same thing but a lot of the oil drillers and stuff they will shadow the price of crude oil. So you got a little bit overhead resistance. So if you can get crude oil to break through that high and rig at the same time I think you’re good to go. That’s the only thing that would keep me out of that it’s just that little overhead resistance and on the side note RIG rich if it’ll probably do this right here. It’ll probably break up through it pull back and then touch that level again. That’s what I would do. So you get two options. Wait for it to break out through $14.35 and buy it then or let it break out and let it run a little bit. And then on the next pullback by on a pullback. I’ve been asked to speak at the Wealth365 event. I will tell you they’ve done them in the past. This one is going to be basically all trading and investing. None of the other entrepreneurship, no real estate is all just heads up Wealth365 trading and investing summit. Put your first name here, your email and your optional telephone number, claim your free seat. There you have it. I do know that we’re going to be talking about earnings and the election too is going to be the theme of this one. Trading and investing over earnings and the upcoming elections because we’ll have some crazy moves with the elections and earnings this season. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’m going to HYPERLINK you over to the form. Hubert.