Hubert Senters here. Had a question from Mike. Sarah sent me this. Let’s take a look at this. Hello Hubert; Are there any indicators that the trader can use in conjunction with Ichimoku to increase his/ her confidence and increase the odds of successs? For example, 50 MA, 100 MA, Donchian Channels, MACD, Stochastics or other? Thank you Mike. Yes. Mike, you can use anything. What you’re fine as your evolution of a trader goes is we all start out with just price action on the chart. And we start adding all kinds of crazy sh*t and eventually you get to the point where you can’t even see the price action. And then it’s your job to systematically go through all the crazy index that you have on the chart and go does this hurt or does this help me? And what you’ll find is a lot of indicators do the same thing so. There’s all kinds of stuff that you can add. I just start out my base with Ichimoku because it’s very easy for me to teach to general public. They don’t know anything about trading or investing like hey, throw this on you chart this will help. So I always start that and that’s why I personally scan with is my base foundation. I have all kinds of proprietary indicators that I use for myself. Some of my selling courses and stuff like that. But I use all kinds of other supplemental stuff. It is really up to the individual and their individual trading style and trade set-ups on what you’re going to use. Like some people made with love while some people hate it. Some people love candlesticks. Other people don’t like it all so. It’s really a personal taste type issue stylistic approach. There’s half a billion different ways to make money in the market and there’s probably 10 billion ways to lose money in the market seems like. Hopefully that helps you out but yeah, I would add on and if it helps keep it. And if it doesn’t help what you’re trying to do then I would kill it off.  I’ve been asked to speak at the Wealth365 event. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration. I’m going to be going over how I scan the markets for the best trades in order for me to potentially take the next day. Once again I will HYPERLINK you to this page to register and I will see you on the next video. Hubert.