Hubert Senters here. Got some more question from viewer. Question from Joe. Hubert, what are your thoughts on OPK, Opko Health? They have the contracts for covid testing for the MLS, NBA, NFL, and now a bigh huge CDC contract for testing. I think it is serverly undervalued as the above is not well known. Please give us your analysis. Joe. So first thing I do is I don’t believe anything anybody tells me. I read the chart. My first inclination is more people than you know about this. This way I would think about like because Wall Street is full of people who got tons of money and they do all kinds of research. But you could be right. Let’s take a look real quick and look at the chart. Now, once again this is all just my opinion but I really don’t follow on news and stuff like that because it’s usually you come late to the party but let’s take a look at OPK and let’s just read the TVs. Looks pretty good. Looks like you might not be the only catheter that’s in on this thing. Now, for my trade strategy in this one anything less than $5 I’m really careful with because it can be manipulated with a very small sums of money. It looks ok though. I mean if you’re into buying this type of thing which I consider a peeny stock anything below $5 but it’s above $5. It’s at $5.59. As long as it would hold the $4.43 area and you’re long somewhere slightly below or slightly above that I think you’re ok. It could potentially go, you know, $7, $8, $9. Now, if we look back in the past. Yeah. See. It’s had a rough life. It’s had a nice little ride for a while. Overall health ever monthly. Yeah at one point it didn’t get appear to $18 almost $19. So what I would do I would just do Math. And I would say let’s see what’s a 50 percent retracement from its dead high to its dead low. It could potentially go to $10.16. Anything other than that would be I mean you’d be pull and forth so that’s what I think about it. Hopefully it helps and once again I’m not trying to burst anybody’s bubbles but you know this is kind of like Gold. They may have contracts for MLS, NBA, NFL does not mean it will be profitable. Tons of people start up businesses and lose money in them doesn’t mean it’s profitable. Same thing with speculations so I would temper or bile back the underlying fundamentals of the company and I’d be like what’s the price action saying? What does everybody else that’s trading in the market with you or against you. Believe this thing is going to do and then act according to that. That way you won’t be into this life going man, this thing should be going sky high, why is it not so that’s why I look at it. Hopefully it helps you Joe. Hubert.