Question About Scans Hubert Senters here. I had a question from Swapan. I had to look that up so hopefully I pronounce it correctly. I’m trying to find out a scan that can find stocks in consolidations and about to break. So finding a stock that’s consolidating not hard to do. Right before it breaks out very difficult to do. Now, you can do a scan for stocks that have consolidated and have broken up one, two or three days or broken down one, two or three days. That’s where I would start with. It would make our life whole lot easier. So far I am unable to get that. Yeah. Because it’s hard to do a scan for stocks that are about to break out because they can consolidate for a very long time. And then it just pop out of nowhere. They will break out of their consolidation either go higher or lower. So I would recommend you could do it with the ADX. You could do it boeing or bonds. You could do it with Keltner Channel. You could do it with the cloud. All of those will work. But what you’re looking for is you could do it with the squeeze. All of those indicators are decent at ranking and scanning for things that are in consolidation. But they won’t tell you when it’s going to breakout. It’s kind of after the fact like hey, this thing was in a consolidation and it’s now breaking higher or now it’s breaking lower. There are several scans on the internet that will do that for you. Hopefully that will help you out. If you’ve never heard Ron Haydt speak you should do it. He’s got a great voice and their system is really good too. Great guy. Just a really good human. Him and his wife both really great people. He’s going to be doing a special webinar See the Top 10 Stocks for Year-End, Wednesday, November 18th at 7PM EST. Here’s what he’s going to be talking about like there’s picture of the photo right there. Just a really good guy. If you’ve never heard one of this webinars I highly recommend it. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll HYPERLINK you to this registration page. Hubert.