Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Rich. So let’s go through it.  A little bit involved there. If you don’t trade Gold look away go do something else because this is about Gold. Hubert, Looking at your gold filter video you stated that if it is up more than $3 or down more than $3 you think it will continue in that direction for $10 to $12. My question is this at which point of the trading day do you look at Gold? Gold trader I beliee 23 hours per day so do you look after the open of the options markets which is around 9:30 EST or after gold starts trading at I think is 6PM EST? Thanks. So the way that trade station does it, the way that a lot of the other applications does it when we’re looking at Gold @GC . They usually take it from the settlement price of the spot which is consufing as hell. Basically 1:30 PM EST is what I look at it so this number right here down at about $20 is from yesterday at 1:30 PM EST. That’s how it’s calculated based upon the settlement of Gold. And that’s when I look at it. Hopefully that helps you out. I’ve been invited to speak at the Wealth365 event. I will be over there at Thursday 10AM. First name, email address, optional telephone number and they’ll text you before I go on quote and quote. I’m doing air quotes in you can see them quote and qoute on stage which is actually on Zoom stage. Register. I know they’ve got a good week long event over there with a bunch of good traders and educators and people that are into doing stuff online. Go check it out. I’ll HYPERLINK you to the page. Hubert.