Hubert Senters here. Got a question from a viewer. Hubert, When you show these videos, I notice you only use the Fibonacci to find target prices based on current candle positions. Yeah. Every now and then I’ll say it’s probably going to retrace here and then we can use that as a point so we can do that too. You never use Fibs to determine the STRIKE Price. Right. I’m not real active options trader so I don’t do that much. So are you implying the Ichimoku candle sticks ate already based on implied Fib information and the candle position can be used directly from chart to purchase options according to Ichimoku rules? Mike I am not a heavily traded option guy. I have dabbled with them so I don’t use these four options. The one piece of advice I would give you if you are an options trader pick your timeframe accordingly. So if you’re using a day chart then you’re going to be trading monthly options. If you’re using an hourly chart like a buy or sell signal on an hourly Ichimoku you’re going to trade weekly options. As far as the rest of that it may or may not work you have to back test it and send it to a data guy and let him test it and let him chew on it for a while. But I don’t currently use it that way. It does not mean it does not work it’s just means that I currently don’t use it that way. Hopefully that answers your questions. Ron is going to be doing a special webinar on Tuesday, December 22nd at 7PM EST. When you’ll be trying to avoid that you have seen all year in your house. And you’d be trying to figure what to do because you may be a hermit like myself. Trying to get off the cave, the theater room, the den just wherever you can get to just get away from the people. If that’s you and that’s cool if it is don’t worry about it. He’s going to be doing a webinar so that you can See the Top 10 Stocks to Kick Off the New Year with a Bang! Tuesday, December 22nd at 7PM EST. You know how to register for a webinar. I’ll let you take care of that. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.