Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the Program Buying and Selling Market Internal.  I use this one. There are several different ones out there. $ESINX that’s why I’m using TradeStation. People are always asking me this is for you in particular Chris, I found the data that you need to subscribe to for this. I’m going to log in and show you what you need. This will tell me like there’s a program buy here or program buy there. There’s all kind of program sell so the green line that -6.40 is going to be program by for the day. And the red line as you can see we got smoked on the sell. There was more selling today and then there was buying. So red line program sells buy machines. Green line program buys. Now, here’s the data you need in order to access the TradeStation. Other data providers made slightly different. Heads up, don’t freak out I paid professional fees that made me higher or lower than yours. Currently right now I actually changed this just a little bit just before I did this video. I was paying around $1,100 now I’m only paying $813 for professional data fees. Here’s what you’re going to need in order to make this work.  So what you’re going to need is you can go here and you’re going to log in to the back end of current subscription summary under your data fees. It’s under software and data subscriptions. Then you’re going to click this button right here. Click here to edit. And then from there what you’re going to do is you need these two data feed. You need the Standard & Poors (S&P) which is $5. And then you need to come down here to the Futures & Futures Options Data. And you’ll want one of the CME. I’ve got the full package which is $126. You could get either this one or that one. That one is $61. That one’s free. Like I said I’m paying about $813 for all the data in TradeStation. It’s because they’ve got me registered as professional. It’s something you’ve got to deal with. You guys are probably retail investors. Your fees could probably be lower than mine. I get breaks on commissions but I paid crazy data fees. So once again you need the Standard & Poors Index right there.  Now oddly enough when you click there this thing is not going to be listed in there but that’s where it’s at. You’re going to need that one and then you also need to come down here and change your CME data feed to either this one or that one. I’ve got full package because I trade a lot of CME products. I’ll be speaking at the EMC webinar. Extreme Market Conditions Summit May 5th, 6th & 7th at 9AM EST. There are your sponsors. Here are your speakers. I’m one of the many speakers over there. I think I’m kicking the thing off. That’s too much pressure for me ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to be talking about angel investing. I will HYPERLINK you to the registration form. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.