Hubert Senters here. Obviously the markets sold off after Trump decided he’s not going to negotiate with the democrats on the stimulus package going for until after the election. And we had a nice little sell off. On the daily it doesn’t look too nasty. On the intraday it’s a little bit more nasty. This is the Nasdaq. And you can see there’s where the selling began. Now, if you are long like most Americans in your long retirement portfolio where there’s a rough hour A or 401K or NSEP or self-directed IRA. One of the main things you should learn how to do is hedge against a position. So let’s say that you’re in a long position and let’s say it at ES. This is a good market to counteract what’s going on in your portfolio it’s the S&P500. This is the simplest hedge you can understand. Right now you’re net long, long if you’re long America. So what you’re doing here, here’s your long stocks. The only problem is when they sell off you will lose that. You will lose that potential unrealize the gain. What you would do is you would figure out how big your portfolio is. And you would short one, two, three, four. A multiple of your portfolio and the S&P futures contract. Or if you don’t want to do S&P futures that’s fine. The good thing about futures though is they are open 23 hours a day for the most part. Most futures are. So you’re not going to have to deal with those deadly gaps. So if you do it with an ETF like the QQQ or the SPYs or the diamonds those things are going to gap up and down. And you’re really not getting the advantage as you would in the futures market. Just take a look at and you don’t have to have a huge account. You could open up a little small account and hedge around your aircraft care which is your portfolio And then your little dingy would be your counter trend position that you would trade around your core aircraft care. I’ve been asked to speak at the Wealth 365 2020 Election Summit.  I’m going to be going over what’s working now. What one of the best markets to be in long and short which ones to avoid and I’ll also pick at least two favorites long and two favorite shorts. Looks like it’s starting in about five days so grab your ticket while you can. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.