Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Snapchat. A stock company that’s well near and dear to my heart. I’m just joking around about we got it taking a billion dollars opportunity right now. I’m not doing. I’m taking it public which I thought was a bad idea. The owner of Snapchat, CEO. He’s young. He can do what he want to and evidently made more money than I thought he should. But anyway, this is what we deem a Shawshank Redemption trade with Andy Dufresne on his hands and knees for 200 yards. Was it 200 yards? I forget. It’s one of the greatest movies ever. If you’ve never watched Shawshank Redemption. Go watch. It’s great movie. Anyway, here’s the point of that. So what I’m doing is I’m backing up here to show you what I mean by that. We’re looking at right here. So $15X so just memory up $15X on that from there $16X and then one, two, three, four minus four. And then back to so now only minus two, minus one, minus two, minus three. You see the thing going on here, big wins, little losses, big wins, little losses. And then again, you get another trade off on this one right here and then you got another decent sized winner short at yesterday’s close. Or you could have done at today’s open. ATR is a little high $2.19. You can get away with it. Anything above 2.5 zeros or 3 is hard for me to do. But when you’re looking at it’s not a huge stop from $15.64 to $15.86. You’re risking exactly almost 20 cents so it’s not a big huge risk reward. There’s your entry. There’s your trailing stop-loss. There’s a target 1, target 2. And then hopefully, the single start trailing or hopefully this thing will keep on dropping and you’ll continue to make money. Now, what will happen is what happens if you miss this trade. Well, you just have to wait for the next trades. You can’t cheat. I mean like you go okay, it’s a 10 minute. I’ve missed the 10 minute, one there will be another signal on like 2 minute or 1 minute. Yeah. You sure can. So here’s one that you’re not too far behind because on this right here this one would be on a 2 minute, the trailing stop worked and then now you’re out of that one for $15X so it’s not too shabby, right. Because you had one before. $2.9 minus $1, $15X and then you’re right back on top of this one short at $14.57. ATR at $0.07 is really low because we’re on a smaller timeframe. Target 1 is about to be touched or met. Okay. Now, Mark and I are going to be doing a special webinar Thursday at 7:00PM EST. I’m going to hyperlink to that page so that you can sign up. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.