Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Home Depot. It’s got a couple of things going for. Currently right now, the ADX is $14.75 and rising to $20 which is a good thing which means it’s going to start trending. It was above the cloud. It gap down. Heads up, it’s probably earnings and then it’s just a good old-fashioned bracket trade at that point right. Along above $233-ish and a short below $225. Today it opened up below that so it would make a good short in my opinion and then it looks like it’s going to continue to go down. Here are the places that I think it’s going to take a little brief stop at $213. And then I would say at that point it probably drop down to $202 and then after that it could potentially if this stock continues to drop and could go to $188 so add Home Depot to your short list. New workshop ‘’See the top 10 Stocks for the Year-End’’ Wednesday, November 20th at 7PM EST. My good friend Ron’s going to be presenting it. If you’ve never heard Ron speak, he has the best voice in the world. It’s like a radio voice sounds like anytime he starts talking I’m just like whatever you’re selling I’m buying. I know a lot of people do webinars and they educate you on something and give you some buy and then try to say some. He’s got like a hypnotic voice. If you don’t stay for very long. Go check out Ron’s webinar. The nicest guy in the world. I met his wife this year at Vegas and he was there also, a super nice guy really good people and go check out his webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.