Hubert Senters here. Had a follow-up question from my viewer on what are my thoughts on Nikola, NKLA? Obviously, it’s still short. It’s actually probably going to pick up sting to the down side because now the ADX is above $20. So it will probably pick up the sting to the down side. It’s got negative news associated with it. I would say the next potential target that you would have would be below $10. Right now it’s trading at $19.46 and usually when they drop below $15 they go to $10 then $7 then $5 and then you know the rest of the story. So just be careful if you are long you know it’s speculative in the market. As long as you’re cool with the risk being long use a stop. If you’re short obviously trail a stop too because you never know could bounce against you. But overall I think it’s going to be below $10 pretty soon. I would say the next 30 days it will be below $10 so be careful with it. I’ve been asked to speak at the Wealth 365 2020 Election Summit and Rob and his team are doing something really interesting. I’ve never seen anybody else do it. A political campaign multi-speaker event with financial experts. And it’s two famous republicans and two famous democrats. And two different times they’re going to debate on what their candidate will be bringing to the table for investors, traders and small businesses. That will be interesting. I will be over there speaking obviously what I think is going on with the markets and how you can profit from it.  And the webinar starts in 15 day so you’re about to weeks out. Go ahead and register because GotoWebinar, Zoom and stuff like that sometimes you can get a capacity and you may not be able to get a seat so it’s obviously going to be first come first serve. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.