Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look and compare two giants Netflix versus AMZN. Now, they’re both in valid uptrends, AMZN. There you go. So NFL X and AMZN, two totally different approaches to the business. I know this is a trading channel but I do like tons of businesses I own and invest in all kinds of stuff. But if you think about Netflix only does one thing but they do it really well. They do it better than almost anybody out there as far as the business model. Amazon also has Amazon video prime or Amazon prime video. Not as good as Netflix although it’s pretty good. But they’re also basically the E-commerce for the world. So what we’re going to do is we’re just going to compare these. We’re going to look back here at the monthly. So that’s what Amazon looks like and just burn it into your brain there is Amazon and then we’re going to go in NFLX and we’re just going to look at the technical. They both look really strong and the monthly Netflix looks a little bit stronger. I like Netflix a little bit better than Amazon just because it’s vertical so much more. Let’s see if we can compare that into the weekly. Weekly looks pretty good. AMZN, Amazon a little bit weaker. And then let’s go down to the daily. You can see Amazon’s pulling back just a little bit. And it’s probably going to pull back to $1664 could go as low as $1568 and then Netflix not a whole lot of pullback there so if you force me I would rather be in Netflix on a pullback than I would be Amazon. Heads up, on long Amazon from much lower so may have to add some to my Netflix position. So I would love your thoughts. Which one do you like better? Which one do you think looks better technically as far as the move that they’re both then? Do you like Netflix better? Or do you like Amazon? I’ve been invited to be one of the special guest speakers at Wealth365 events. Rob was able to acquire Kevin Harrington as the special keynote speaker. He’s always good to listen to. He’s been one of our masterminds before. I think he’s still a member. And he’s really a nice guy and you’ll learn a lot of stuff from him if you’re into business or investing in stuff like that. All you got to do here is click this button to register and you can see that it’s going to take place July 16th to July 21st. There’s a lot of different speakers. All you’ve got to do is register and then you can pick the times. It looks like they’re going to have 80 speakers over six days. 10 different topics and they’re given away about $120,000 worth of free prizes. So go and register. I’ll HYPERLINK you to this page and all you got to do is register. Let me roll down here. Every time I click it went away. There you go. If you scroll down, put your first name, e-mail address, optional telephone number and then hit submit. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you the next video. Hubert.