Hubert Senters here. As quick recap. I know I’ve been sending you a lot of Gold videos. But Gold’s been going vertical. It’s up another 20 points today. Just a little bit of recap it’s been hit overall targets. We got update them again today ladies and gentlemen because it almost hit $2,000. It came within point and half of it so we’re going to update the targets so back story here. We’re clicking from this low to that high to that new higher low. Those targets have been taking out. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to back that down to right here. It’s going to give us a little bit more of the targets. You can see that’s at the $1,980 and the next target is going to be $2,008. That’s probably going to be taking out maybe as early as tonight or tomorrow. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go back one more steps so remember in the back of your head $2,008 next target and now you got $2,026 and then $2,062. I’m going to mark $2,008. $2,008 is the next target followed by $2,026 and then $2,062. Hubert.