Hubert Senters here. Let’s do a follow up video on UAL. If you did the long from yesterday, and you got long around $72.23, we were talking about your target being $79-ish all the way up to $83. Right now, it’s trading at $76, so you should trail your stop loss. So if you did this, and you are long at $72.23 or better, then I would move my stop up to break even. So let’s pretend you are in at $72.23, so now your stop loss would be your entry, that $72.23. Your target would be the same, $79-$83. Now there are other airline stocks that are moving today. Pretty cool story, UAF and DAL. Let’s pull up DAL, nice little move there. Let’s pull up AAL, so if you are little behind, you can always shift over there if you want too. I’m doing a special webinar tonight, a Pre-Summit Bonus Kick-Off Event. “How to Trade Bitcoin & Technical Trading Strategies for Stocks, Options, Futures, and Other Markets”. I’m going to show you how to actually buy Ripple. A lot of people are showing you how to trade Bitcoins, but not many are showing you how to trade the other coins, that are bit more exotic. There also called Alt-Coins. That’s Thursday January 11, 2018 at 7pm ET. Click Here to Sign Up Now Good luck, hope it helps, see you on the next video. Hubert