Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at MA which is MasterCard. We’re going to take a Mastercard and we’re going to compare it to Visa which is a symbol that is a V. So they both are above the cloud. Both are above the turning line, standard line. And the one thing that Visa has going against it, it’s not really a big thing is the ADX is $18.23. That’s not bad. I mean I will a lot of times filter that out and go like this. Because there’s always exceptions to the rule. You can see that it’s bottomed here and it’s about to go through the $20 marker area. So if you look at this you can see that it bottomed here and it’s going in an upward slant. So it’s probably going to go above $20 so I wouldn’t hold that too much against it although it will count slightly against it when you look at MasterCard because MasterCard is. Hold on. There you go. It’s not MC, It’s MA. So it’s above the cloud, the turning, the standard line and the ADX is $25. So it’s a little bit stronger but when you look at the patterns are really close. So I’ve got a question for you. So answer to the reply of this video whether you like MasterCard or Visa better, you can just hit reply and go V or hit reply and hit MA. That’s all. That’s all I’m looking for to see which one you like better and we will see those when we get back in office first thing Monday. You have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week. Hubert.