Hubert Senters here. Got a question here. Hi Hubert, I’ve truly enjoyed your Futures 101, Ichimoku and Power Play courses. I coded a script for a TOS indicatoe that shows me the direction a/BTC future will go in for a good scalp. My indicator is correct 90% of the time. Specifically, when I ”paper trade” I do very well because the TOS paper trade platform deceptively fills my order easily. When I try to place a REAL trade in TOS I have difficulty getting filled. I have ”Level 2” indicators on my TOS Active Trader price ladder. I wait until there’s good momentum prior to placing the trade. Any suggestions on getting filled as close as possible to the last price traded? Perhaps you’ll consider putting together a workshop/webinar on Bitcoin Futures one day. Maybe it’s similar to trading Gold Futures? Thanks so much. One thing you can do there’s couple of different markets or you can either do a market or you can do a limit. Now, what you can do is you can do marketed touch which may say not all brokerage firms have these abilities. Different brokerage firms have abilities to do orders like contingent orders. Like I can say I’m going to act like I didn’t want to trade one lot but underneath it there’s 10 that’s called an iceberg order. You could also do a MIT, Market If Touch. If the market touches this specific number or price then I want you to go to markets os it’s market if touch. You could also do feel or kill. It’s called FOK. So may just have to upgrade if you’re going to get into that stuff into a more premium brokerage service like TT technologies. There’s AMF futures. They’re pretty going that stuff. Infinity futures stuff like that so that’s what I would recommend if you’re going to get hardcore into that. If you’ve got something working that’s accurate. That’s awesome. You just need to dial in your execution or you can also on your indicator you could make it on systems we always built in slippage. So we would build like anywhere from one to two to three tick slippage and then test it and it would say ok it went from 90 percent down to 82 percent. That’s still tradeable in my opinion. I forgot to showcase your name here. Your name is Lori. Let me pull this up so you guys can see. Thanks so much, Lori. So Lori thanks for your question. I appreciate it. Now, Silas is going to be doing a special webinar this weekend. I believe it is Saturday, January 30th at 10AM EST. Top Tools for Catching Corrections & Major Market Reversals. I will HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.