KLAC Breakout Trade with Targets


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Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at KLAC so KLAC has a nice little breakway gap. It does have some overhead resistance that it looks like it’s probably going to clear overall the bracket trade.

You could follow the methodology and not break the rules but it also looks pretty good to the high side so. If it can break and trade above $359.20 next week it will probably be a good long.

On the other hand if it breaks below $350 it’s not like you’re going to have a huge gap fill because it’s not a huge gap to fill.

I mean you could probably target $346. Overall it looks pretty good. Semis are starting to wake up. Semis Micron, AMD.

There’s a lot of Semis in this. KLAC I used to trade it a ton back in the 90s. It looks pretty good. I like it.

Let’s get a decent target on this bad boy. If it does break I want you to have at least something to work with.

One, two and I would say break. I mean breakway to the high side. I would say targets would be in the area of $384, $411 and $428.

Trade Thirsty is going to be hosting Ron Haydt. I always mispronounce his last name. If you guys never heard Ron Haydt speak before he’s got one of the sexiest voices like I don’t know.

Whatever he’s selling I just buy it. He’s really a good presenter. He’s got a smooth voice. But anyway, here’s what he’s going to be talking about.

Top 10 Stocks Set to Soar & Crash Next week. Pretty timely. Date Wednesday, September 15th at 2PM EST.

First name, email address and optional cellphone number so they can text you to remind you to show up.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And enjoy Ron.



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