Hubert Senters here. I’ve got a question from Joanna. Hubert, can you update TSLA bearish and bullish targets? TSLA seems to have trouble going up. Thanks, Joanna. Yes, Joanna. The reason is because it’s in the cloud. It’s been in the cloud seven days in the cloud. So usually it went a buy at the yellow and the purple and at the top of the cloud. And you want to buy it at the bottom of the cloud which believe it or not will it actually work. Unfortunately, right now it’s in the cloud so it’s going to have to work its way out. I think it’s going to drop lower and come down here like the $650 area because you’ve had an intraday sell signal and you’ve also had a 60-minute sell signal so it acts like it wants to go like $660 and then maybe even $623. So be careful. The way I like to do it is I tend not to mess with them while they’re in the cloud. I’ll wait for them to jump above the cloud for two to three days or below the cloud for two to three days. And then I’ll entertain the long or short. Steven Brooks is doing a special webinar tonight at 7PM EST. Mill Dollar Investor Reveals. How to Win Up to 82.46% of your Trades Using a GPS.” The reason he’s saying that is he’s back testing. He’s got a hand picked bunch of trades and then he’s got back testing on you hover and he’ll say this trade has been profitable 82% of the time. This trade has been profitable 62% of the time. This trade has been profitable 14% of the time. So that’s where he’s getting his 82% from. I just want to be crystal clear on that. Because I know I’ve warned you guys before when somebody goes hey, I think that’s something that works 92% of the time. It’s probably be so I’m telling you what he’s doing as opposed to what he’s claiming. So this is cool here where you could have taken a Nasdaq trading and you could have potentially made $81,000 over the last 180 days on $1,000 contract so that’s not too shabby. He’s got working for stocks and futures. Go take a look. Let me know what you think. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.