Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the markets the S&P 500. I’m doing videos at 5:01 PM so markets closed. That’s good. $19.25 on the day not too bad. The effort is so slightly. Sideways to slightly higher so that’s a good thing. The Dow sideways. The Russell sideways with upward slant. And the Nasdaq just has a good nice pretty good slant upwards. I wouldn’t call that sideways to slightly higher. I would say that’s slightly higher with no sideways actually. Nikkei looks pretty good. Acts like it wants to go $21,000. The DAX sideways to slightly higher. Eurostoxx 50 in the cloud avoid. The Bund in the cloud avoid. The 10 year note sideways ADX low avoid. Although it is hanging up there. I don’t like it but I’m buying still on the long side. I’m going to go ahead and admit that. 30 year sideways to slightly higher. It’s just sideways. It’s dead money both in the 10 year and 30 year right now. They’re not doing anything. Gold retraced a little bit of it selloff from yesterday. It end up $12. If you’re long over the weekend anything that has potential to gap up being to pray. Because the volatility is still alive and well in the market. If you don’t have enough cushion you could have a gap up or gap down against you. And there’s not going to be a thing you can do about it so just protect yourself at all times clearly. Copper pulling back a little bit here. Platinum did a perfect ambush entry from the beginning of the buy to the end of the buy. Pullback here bounce and close at $887. Silver traded sideways to slightly higher today.  Crude oil pulled back a little bit but it’s still in the cloud. I still like the target of $40 then after that $70. Natural Gas sideways, ADX is $11. Heating Oil sideways not doing a whole lot there. Lean Hogs long. ADX is a little low but you might get a bounce up to $65. Feeder Cattle in the cloud pass. Live Cattle sideways to slightly higher. Next target $105. As far as the grains bean oil fired up a short with a next target of $25.75. Corn next target $311 and 5/8. Soy next target $819 and 7/8. Soybean Meal next target $280. Wheat not doing much. Oats I like the next target to be $336. And then we got Rough Rice this ones got a little pattern that I like to kind of to repeat. Vertical move consolidate wait for it to make its next move and then you get a nice little stair step bracket up. Coco in the cloud pass. Sugar in the cloud pass. Cotton in the cloud pass. Coffee there we go next target $100 to the downside short. And then OJ I like with a target of $135. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.