Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Tesla. I had a question from a viewer. ‘’What do you think about Tesla’s tests all along here?’’ So the symbol that you’re looking at is TSLA. Yes and no. So you can see Tesla is a little bit sideways here. You can see it’s a little bit congested and if you zoom in down here. I am going to zoom this make the price action to look a little bit bigger because it looks a little weird there. The ADX reading is $15.85. And technically, according to Ichimoku, yes, it is above the cloud. So that’s a long. Unfortunately, the ADX is $15 and you need to be slightly higher or you’re just going to run into the same thing where it’s going to go up to about $360 and then roll back down to $300. So be careful if you are long Tesla, depends on where you’re long from obviously. I don’t know that would short it. It doesn’t look like a great short. It just looks like a hold which I’m not really a hold person I’m either want to be buying stuff or selling stuff. I’m not too much on the hold side unless it’s going in my favor, so just be careful. It doesn’t look terrible. It doesn’t look like a great short, so you would think it looks like a great long but it doesn’t. So right now, it’s just doing the sideways shuffle. You’re right. You could probably put it in something like the Nasdaq which is you know rocking right now at NQ and you’d be better off. So you see the Nasdaq’s going up and Tesla is kind of struggling a little bit. So just be careful there. Good luck. Hope it helps and I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.