Hubert Senters here. I had a question from a viewer. Is it time to buy GE stock? Symbol for GE is just GE. I wouldn’t touch it at this point. There’s rumors on the street that are going to break it up and sell off the pieces. But I wouldn’t touch it. It looks pretty gnarly and a little sketchy. The problem with it being is if you can’t buy it you should probably short it. That’s not always true, but the old analogy is if you don’t want to buy it you should want to short. Well, I’m not sure how much further it’s going to fall. But right now technically it’s still weak and it looks like it’s going to go down to about $12 to $14. There’s just no guarantees on that stuff. It’s just a pure speculative guess. But no, I would not buy it. At this point, it would have to have some kind of bottoming signal in the chart and not to have a close above of the high of a low day and I don’t see any of that happen right now. All right. Now, a couple of things that I do like short now that I am short currently right now are the bonds. So you can pick your poison here I’ll show you a few of them that you can trade. So I’m currently short the 30 and it’s sell enough. I’m also short the 10 and I’ve got a target down here. If you want to trade the two year you can trade the two year, a pretty trend lower or the five year, also pretty trend lower. One of the advantages of trading 30 is you’re going to make or lose money quick because it’s a $31.25 a tick that’s this contract right here in this trade. In this trade, I only have a risk at this time of $156 which I will move later after the bond market close and then opens back up. So I’ve got an open target on that. Same thing with the TY. The TY believe or not, I’m shorter from a higher position but this one doesn’t move as much. Therefore I’m not going to make as much money I have to stay in it longer in order to make money in this thing. Also on this one I had a risk of $156 and half that and put that into $78.13 and after all that stop later tonight it does not require a huge account or a larger amount of risk in order to do this this is just one contract trade. Anybody can do this stuff. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.