Hubert Senters here. Got a couple of questions. I’ll read off the first one here. Question from Kenton. If I place an iron condor trade Heads up, I’m a moron when it comes to options. I trade them a little bit But I no mean experts in options. I would go look up Scott Bauer, Mark Helweg, Andrew Keene. Those guys are good at options. I’ll try to answer your question though. If I place an iron condor trade and it is not getting filled, should I go above  the mid offer or below the mid offer to speed up the process? So let’s just think do this. This work for almost every market out there. Let’s pretend I was wanting to get. And the answer is you’re not getting filled in here as why. Right now the bond market is trending $176 5/32. There’s a spread there. There’s a spread from $176 4/32 to $176 6/32 so there’s a one tick spread. If it was wider than that then I would pull my ask down closer to the bid if I’m trying to sell. If I’m trying to buy to raise my bid. I kind of either raise my bid in order to buy or I can lower my ask in order to sell. And the markets usually pretty efficient in different markets. So let’s just say another example is Apple. That’s Intel, INTC. In Intel it’s currently trading at $51.53. The last trade was $51.51. And you’ve got an ask up here of $51.65 so the spread right now on Intel is a little wide. And right now here’s the most recent ones you put out there. If you want to fill immediately what you could do is right here at $51.52. Let’s see if we can do more example. Let’s go TSLA, Tesla. You’re looking for. There’s the ask. Here is the most recent bid. Now, I’m doing this after hours that’s why these are so wide. During the market they’re real tight. And then you have to go between the ask and the bid. So you want to do it right here or right here or right there. I’m going to be speaking at the Wealth 365 election event. And I don’t know you guys if you’ve watched the election debate last night. It was like an adult version of a draumstafir. I watched it but I was like dear, goodness, this is sad. But anyway, I’m going to be speaking over there. They’re actually going to have. I’ve never heard of anybody doing this in a trading slash investment webinar. I’m kind of impressed. They’re going to have two different republicans and democrats. And they’re going to have their own little debate on why their candidate would be good in the trading industry, investing industry and order your finances. I will HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.