Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a comparison of Intel versus AMD. Usually, I’m a big Intel guy. back when I was a wee lad I used to build my own computers and I just got tired I haven’t built all of the stuff not measuring up and stuff and I would build some Intel chips and some with AMD chip and usually got more bank for your buck when AMD but Intel is more stable in those stuff but got a little role reversal here. Intel is a solid sell below the cloud and AMD’s got some new technology out. Starting to put a little bit of open on Intel. I’m still an Intel guy. But AMD is starting to release some really cool stuff starting to catch up with a little INTC. If we’re looking at them from a purely stock perspective. I would sell Intel and buy AMD. And that’s just purely on the techniques technical above the cloud. Looks like this bad boy wants to go in the area of $26. Let me just do. I was just guessing there. Let me see where it’s actually going to go. Let’s go one, two, three. It went far off. $25, $24 So next target $28, $22.50 $24.19 and $25.24. We’re going to be hosting a special guest speaker Geoff Bysshe with the guys over at market gauge how to identify and profit from the best stocks and options to own right now. I’m going to let you scroll down here and read all this. You can probably read it quicker than I can read it off to you. But the webinar is about trading stocks and options on the Nasdaq 100. Click to CLAIM MY SPOT NOW in the center of your screen right there the webinar will take place on Wednesday, August 15th at 7PM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.