Hubert Senters here. A little bit of a sleeper this is one of the biggest net gains on the S&P 500 today. And I’ll throw it up on a chart. In that chart and look great. But it could potentially develop into something interesting. So you can see that down here on the ADX. ADX is a little low $10.97 that’s kind of a lot of low but it is headed towards $20. That’s a plus. It had this nice little consolidation it’s breaking now that if it can clear this $340 area. It could potentially go up to $369 now it will take a little bit of a rest when it hits the area of $350. But that’s still a pretty good trade if we can get it to go higher. Trade Thirsty is doing a special multi speaker webinar event this Saturday starting at 9AM EST. It’s called ‘’Got Indicators? Top Traders Share their Best Trade Tools.’’ Here are your speakers Micha, Serge, Johnny, Silas, Andrew, Hima and Ron. I will HYPERLINK you to the page so you can register for the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you in the next video. Hubert.