Hubert Senters here. I got a question from Juan. Hi Hubert, if you had to start all over again knowing what you know now which trading instrument would you choose and why? Which style of trading? I been enjoying your videos, great content. With gratitude, Juan. I couldn’t just do one. I’d have to have two. The reason I say that because some markets will go through a period of time where it’s going to trade sideways like the bond market and I love trading the bonds. So what I would do is I would probably pick two instruments. I’d probably pick whichever bond you want to trade where there’s the bund which is a good instrument the 30-year bond or the 10-year note. I would probably do the 30-year. But if I was just starting out I’ll get use to the 10-year first. Because the 30-year is just a little bit bigger contract so. If I was just starting out I’d probably trade the 10-year or the 30-year. One of those. Take your pick. I would start out on the 10 because it’s easier. And then I would pick an index future like Dow, S&P, Nasdaq or Russel whichever one you like. I would pick the Dow because I don’t pay much to clear that one. And then I would mainly trade futures. I would put most of my money in a stock index fund. And I would trade around that portfolio with futures. Sounds complicated. It’s not that complicated. You can open up a smaller account with futures. You don’t have to worry about the day trading pattern rule. So if you don’t have $25,000 so if I will start it out all again I would skip stocks all together. I’d go straight to futures and figure out which futures I like it best. And I would come to the conclusion I want a bond and an index future. And for me it would probably be the 10 or the 30-year and the Dow, Dow mini futures. Market sold off crazy today. It was nice to be and the reason I say that is because when you have one trading like this in my dashboard here. Like this is the Dow. The Dow was down, you know, $852 points because it looks like this today. I mean It’s one heck of a trader. But now if I trade this to at TY it’s going to be the bonds it didn’t really movc much today. When one of them is moving the other one might be moving that’s what I say I’d pick a good pair so I’d always have something to kind of trade with. And I love trading the bonds but right now the bonds are kind of just sideways. So I will be doing a special webinar Thursday at 7PM EST with my good friend Kamal Ravikant. And we’re going to be talking about angel investing. And that’s been some of my biggest percentage gains I have had. And Kamal is going to talk about that and teach you some more information about how to do that and if you want to get into that how that all takes place. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll HYPERLINK you to the page. Hubert.