Hubert Senters here.

I had a question from a viewer asking me what I thought about Apple and let’s go over. So overall Apple doesn’t look terrible. It also doesn’t look great either. It’s Apple, right. So it’s going to be at the whims of the market gyrations of whether the market’s going up or down. It’s a market proxy stock in other words all the stocks are.

So if the market sells off, Apple’s going to sell off. Mark goes up, Apple’s going to go up. It’s a big component of it. So you can see you got a little support here and it’s holding up pretty good. I mean it really depends on your timeframe of what you’re trying to do here.

If you’re a long time holder it looks okay rather than look terrible. If you’re a short term holder well, you’ve got a little bit of support right here. You can notice it. You got it right here. And you got it right there. So you can see that you bounced off of that. So I’m going to go I’m going to try to talk out of both sides of our mouth like a politician.

If you’re a long term holder of Apple the pullback shouldn’t bother you. If you’re a short term holder of Apple then buying it here at $174 and using a stop-loss I will say $170 I think it’s worth four points of loss of risk because I don’t think it’s going to fall completely out of bend. I think it’ll come back down here and rest like $164 and plus if you have a stop-loss on as long as it didn’t gap past your stop-loss you should be good to go so that’s my ideals. And my initial target would be $177 then around $186 and then $196 and then $210.

I’m going to do another live webinar tomorrow at noon on ‘’ The 1% Club.’’ Once again I’m going to go with the details here of GotoWebinar so here are the last two webinars. You can see there were registrations 3,859 attendees, 1,369. The second one was registrations is 4,334, attendees 1,217. And then last night’s was registrations 5,420 and 1,107 that’s not individuals. That’s people double registered just so you know that.

When you’re looking at all these things don’t recover anything but they are locking up every time so we still have not been able to get everybody into a webinar so I’m going to do one more at noon. I wish GotoWebinar had a thing like I can just do one big webinar of 5,000 people and just be doing once or twice and be done with it. But it’s not how this works so I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the form.

It will be tomorrow at noon. If you want to try to secure your seat a little quicker I will open up the room 30 minutes early at 11:30AM EST. Every webinar I’ve been coughing my head off. So heads up I’ll be sucking on some halls, drinking a little water and you’ll probably hear me coughing a little bit. Hopefully, it gets a little bit better though.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. And I’ll HYPERLINK you to the registration page.