Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Humana, HUM. Fired off a long signal today by closing above the cloud. Lagging line is following pretty closely so it’ll probably ramp up if you’re more on the conservative side. You need to wait for a couple more closes above the cloud. If you’re a little bit more aggressive do you just find potential target is going to be in the area of $300 to $310.

Trade Thirsty is going to be doing a special webinar called ‘’Power Plays with Today’s Top Traders.’’ Now, the cool thing about this webinar series which is going to happen this weekend is Jeanette has found a really cool piece of tracking technology.

It’s kind of like an electronic trade journal. And it works with a lot of different brokerage firms. She’s going to do a demo and show you guys how this works is really cool. You’re really going to like it so show up and let me know what you like about the tool. But the cool thing about this it will take your trade and it’ll say hey, you lose money every Tuesday or you lose money every Friday or you should definitely hold things longer.

Or you’re jumping out at stuff to. It’s smart. It’s like you’re going to make a data driven decision based upon your entries in your trade journal which I get asked a lot and I use just good old-fashioned excel spreadsheets and these daily videos. But it’s a really cool tool that I’m probably going to start using myself so go over and check it out.

Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll send you over to this REGISTRATION page.