Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Fibonacci. So there’s a couple of different ways I like to use Fibonacci. It’s actually closer to happen it does a moment to teach you really good useful ones or maybe three this week. We’ll see. So the first thing you’ll notice is number one what is Fibonacci? It is just a mathematical ratio. Some people call it the golden rule. It’s all kinds of these things like Fibonacci is fractual. Patterns that just happen over and over again and nature and the markets. I’m going to walk you through the most common ones this week. In Trade Station this is what we’re going to be using for this one right here, this line right here. I’m going to click on it so you can see. Fibonacci Price Retracement Lines. Some call them retracement. Some call them pullback. What we’re going to do is I’m going to click on that and show you what that looks like. I’m going to click on the retracement lines and then the thing that you need to know is if you’re going to go long you’re going to start from the most recent low. Click one and drag it up to the most recent high. In this case scenario you’re going to have to bunch of lines that show up on your chart. In this case we have the $23.60, $38.20, $50.00, $61.80, $100 percent lines so this is the $100 percent line, this is the zero line. In this case scenario we would be looking to buy a pullback. We’re going to start here. We’re going to end here. And you’re looking to buy a pullback to here. The theory is it should come down and bounce off of that. I don’t like all these lines so I don’t use all of them. In my opinion they’re not all useful. Some of them are useful than others. But what I like to do is I come here and format this thing. And I’ll take off the $24 and the $28. I like this thing called an ambush where they pullback about 50 percent of the most recent rule of thrusty move and I can buy it discount. So now when I set this up I then hit set as default. But I will now. There we go and magic. So in this case scenario, in this example of Nvidia. What I would do is I would be waiting to right here in this zone right here. I’d want to put a bid in at $425.24. So I wanted to go into the yellow by at least one tick or one pin and then my hard stock could be $417. And the ideal is this is the zone where I want to attack it. i want to let the price action pullback down here. And then I want to attack it right there with a relatively tight stop-loss and I’m betting it’s going to go higher. If I’m wrong I’ll lose money. If I’m right I’m going to make money. That’s your first lesson on Fibonacci. Now, if you’re going to do the reverse, you just do the reverse. So let’s say that we were going to this is something that’s trending up and we want to buy the pullback. Let’s take a look at something that’s in down mode and we want to short a bounce on it. So in this case I moved it over to Intel so in this case scenario what I would do is zoom here. I’m removing this line because you don’t need it. And I would grab the Fibonacci retracement line again. I’d go from this top to that bottom. Look at there magic little ambush trade. What I’m looking for in this case scenario if I’m going to short something I’m going to start here and I’m going to end here. And I’m looking for it to bounce up into this zone so I can short it and let it roll over and die. Just make sure if you’re going long or short. That depends on where you’re going to draw your line from. Now, with a lot of people out of jobs and not having anything to do I’m going to HYPERLINK you to an online seminar that’s going to be taking in the next couple of days. I know the people putting this on. They are good people. I’ve actually got a really funny story. I’ll tell you at a later time about the people that are putting on. But this is going to train you up if you have a story or if you have a skill. This will teach you how to be a speaker and get in that business so here is a list of the speakers. I know Mindie. She’s really good. Great human being and Russell. This chic here she’s got a good book. Eben he’s a marker. I’m just going to scroll down and see if how many people I know. Chris Voss really good book called Never Split the Difference. I know Dean. This guy here. I know that guy. Craig he’s a good copywriter. If you want access to this, this is the guy that I know right here Sean Stephenson and his wife Mindie. I’ll tell the story. I don’t have enough time because the video is a little bit long. But I’ll tell the story of how we met and the funny story. These two people right here biggest hearts in the world. Sean is no longer with us. He passed away in 2019. But it’s a really good event. It will teach you how to take either your story or your knowledge and turn it into a speaking business. I know this is totally different from trading. But I know a lot of people at home and they’re going into business for different reasons because a lot of the economy’s changed because of the covid stuff. Go checkout the seminar. Great people over there doing it. I know the two owners or now the one owner. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.