Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Generac. Anytime, there’s a bit storm or a tornado or a wet weather and stuff like this. This stock is almost always. Probably maybe it could spike to the high side. It’s just a generator company. I’ve got one hook up from my house, my whole home generator the great little gadgets. But as you can see as the snow storm came Generac has went vertical on you. It will probably continue. The only problem is that sometimes it can be short lived. But it will also get a little bit of follow through from time to time because it get a back log of orders and stuff like that. So add this to your potential disaster type trades. Mother nature you can’t fight it so you got to make some money off of it. So anytime, there’s a weather thing and people lose power. It could be a tornado. It could be a storm. It could be a hurricane. Any of those things. This is a decent trade to do it right now. Now, some of you may say man, I don’t want to profit from somebody else’s loss. This is just what you’re looking as. It’s the same thing in Crude Oil prices and Natty Gas prices and Profane prices in Texas right now. It’s like that right there. That’s what the type of trades that you’re looking at. It’s social signals also and you’re going to take advantage of the supply and demand type of thing on the price of these companies. Now, that being said you do not have to do this type of stuff. You could just make your life a lot easier and just trade something that’s easier in my opinion to trade like the old 10-year note here. As you can see this is the lowest position that you can possibly have in this contract would be one contract. I placed this trade Friday. And the risk on it was $156.25. And I was rusty so I did a day order instead of GTC so I’ve got another buy order up here. So it’s an open target with a buy stop of $136’27. That’s my stop-loss. That’s the reason in order looks for you. And then I’ve just been holding it. And I held it through Friday. And then I held it through Monday. The market was close so it wasn’t really hard to close, hold it then and then held it today and usually what we want go for here is want to risk $156 to potentially make a thousand dollars. So we’re up $1,031.25 and it is not that hard to do. It’s a nice little stable and methodical in nature. So here’s why I’m trading those things. I haven’t traded them for a while because during Covid they haven’t really been tradeable in my opinion but that’s all changed ladies and gentlemen. Now, you’ve got the Bund breaking down like a shotgun and going lower. You’ve got the 30-year dropping like a stone. And you also have the 10-year dropping like a stone. So I will probably do a bond trading bootcamp type of webinar on how to risk $156 to potentially make a thousand dollars or more. If you are interested in the said information just give me a YES back. Reply to the video and say YES or post down below on the video. Whichever one id easier for you to do. Trade Thirsty is hosing a Toast to Traders event. Saturday, February 20th at 9AM EST. Here are your speakers Steven, Mark, Troy and Dan. You’re going to obviously scroll down and see what each one of them will be talking about. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.