Hubert Senters here. I’m going to walk you through a scan l like to do at the end of the day on a 60 minute chart. So my default over here is set to a daily so all of this right here is going to be on a daily. So what I can do is I’m coming in here and go right click can go format all symbols and then you see how it’s set on a daily. I can then change that to minute and then pick my minute interval to 60. The reason I’m scanning for a 60 minute trade is because I know if I get a 60 minute buy or sell that’s going to be good for three to five days. It gives me enough chance to play with it so then I’m going to hit okay and then TradeStation will do its calculation, do all the math and figure out if it can find me some new buy or sell positions that I can add to my watch list as early as next week or this weekend. So I’m going to format really quickly here. And it’s still doing this work. And then this is going to be a daily chart right here so I’m going to zoom this one in over here. I will bring in my 60 so that you can see it. And it will be all hyperlinked and everything. Market is just now close and I just heard the bell go off in my ear so now and you just saw the pop up right there in TradeStation and regular station is closing as I’m doing this video. So now what I will do is I’m going to sort buy, above the cloud, in the cloud. So in the cloud even if I don’t have newly above or below the cloud let’s see if it’s still calculating. Yeah, it’s still calculating. I’m going to pause it and let it finish. So now that TradeStation is done I can now grab a list of new longs and new shorts. I always want to confirm that I’m on the right side of the daily chart so in this case you can see here I’m going to hyperlink this one to RL so RL as a 60 Minute sell signal and I’ll just move my chart over here. And I can see RL is also in a daily short so that would be a good potential trade forming next week, EXPD. This is a new fresh long on the hourly. What does the daily say? And the Daily is also pretty good so that’s the process that I go through at the end of the day to make stuff scanned for 60 minute. If I’m going to play with them or trade them for the next three to five days. I’m going to be hosting a special webinar The Insider Trading Summit ‘’See How You Can Potentially Reap Huge Profits Following Insider’s Trades,’’ Tuesday, September 18th at 7PM EST. Fill out your information. Hit the big blue button to register for the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. Have a great weekend. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.