Hubert Senters here.

I know not everyone trades futures which I think is crazy because if you are tempting to be a professional trader or a profitable trader heads up, it’s got its tax benefits for it and you can just call your broker and your accountant to find out what those are. I’m not a lawyer or a CPA and I don’t play one online but anyway, it’s got tax advantages.

Another thing there are no day trade pattern rules. So in other words, you’re not going to be flagged as a day to day pattern rule like it can with stocks or options. You can have a $3,000-$5,000 account. You can trade all day long. You can trade a billion times. They don’t really care. But if you don’t trade futures that means you can’t take advantage of the trade war between America and in China so obviously as Trump and China are not getting along too well it makes certain things go up and certain things go down.

And one of these things that we’ve been advising our members at HSIC to do is short agricultural products or corn and soy bean. Let me show you a couple others here. So when you’re looking at grains you’ve got rough rice. I wouldn’t trade that one right now. Bean oil good to the downside good short. Corn good to the downside. Soy good to the downside. Soybean meal good to the downside. Wheat also good to the downside. Oats, I would just leave those alone so.

Out of all those you can see there’s a lot of little trending instruments if you don’t trade futures you can use an ETF called DBA. That’s not going to be perfect but it’ll get the job done. So what you could do is you could short DBA just outright short the ETF you could use an option. You can do use an option. You can do put a call. Any of that crazy stuff that you options traders want to mess around with.

But anyway, it’s going to overall track some of the agricultural grains. Another one you can do if you just want to focus on corn. Believe it or not is very easy. CORN is the symbol, corn and you can see it’s a corn fund and it tracks corn so those are two options if you don’t trade futures.
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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.