Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at the bund so obviously the bund is still in a very good substantial uptrend but there’s always going to be retracement so I’m going to show you a little trick that you can use to go with the market or get out of the market’s way if you don’t want to short it. So sometimes I’ll just avoid it and go.

So in this example here I’ve got a daily chart of the bund. I’m going to bring it into focus here and lengthen it out so you can see. As you can see the bund is still in a really good valuable, a viable uptrend but it’s going to have breaks, right. And when it breaks below the purple line here it tends to want to go and test the cloud. And it may or may not do that so I’ve got a couple options.

Number one, I can bid long on this stuff which makes zero sense at this point to me. I will go long once it gets back above that yellow line at $165.44 so what I’ll do is I’ll bid above $165.44. Second thing, I can do is I can leave it alone because I’m not going to bid long unless I’m above $165.44 which is that turning line.

I can either sit on my hands or the third option I’ve got is I can short this thing when it starts to break down on me and I can target the top of the cloud. Now, how I’d like to do that is I will look for an hourly cross. Okay. So I’ve got an hourly cross here so you can see right here in this area it started looking short-ish at $165.55. That tells me when I’m down on a 60 below the cloud I’m going to have anywhere from three to five days pressure to the downside and if I want to short that I can do it.

But I know it’s probably going to be a short lived trade. Like I’m not going to be in it for months at a time or weeks at a time. It’s just going to be hours or days so that’s how I like to approach it. Now, in the next video want to show you how in this current short and how to trail a stop-loss on this thing.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.