Hubert Senters here. In yesterday’s video we were talking about the rally in the Gamestop. And we were like hey, heads up, be careful it could continue but it could also come back and bite you in the as if you’re not careful. And I also said there’s a couple of other stocks that nobody’s talking about on the Reddit thread called Wall Street Bets. That’s fine under a biose radar. And I told you hey, take a look at BlackBerry. Yeah. The BlackBerry with the buttons on the phone and Nokia and I made a funny comment saying I don’t know if it has like a 90 cellphone rally. I have identified five other stocks that are doing the exact same thing. And I’m willing to share more with you on a webinar if you want me to do a special webinar on how I found these after hours and hours of researching. How you could potentially profit from these things in the future. This is kind of a new thing. You have the Robinhood retail traders who are pumping stuff up. And now, you’ve got a Reddit form with 2 million users on it and they’re just picking stuff. And if you know how to find that stuff obviously you can see that it’s profitable. So if you’re interested in joining the retail trader revolution and sticking it to the man which is on Wall Street just reply back on this video or on the blog and just say YES. And Sarah doesn’t know the content of this video so then she’ll get a ton email saying YES and then she’s going to say what did you say? And that will let me know that you guys are interested in me putting the webinar together explaining exactly how I did it. I don’t have a webinar slight or anything prepared for it so it will be on the cuff I’ll walk through all of the markets telling you where I think where you should focus and where you should not focus. And then I’ll also cover this at the end and share with you the other five that I like and we’re doing the exact same thing. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Have a good one. Hubert.