Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at ALXN. Full disclaimer this thing is sketchy as all it get out because of the personality of these gaps so just be careful. You see this gap from basically $121 all the way up to $155 and then you got another gap here and another gap here and another gap here. This is a gappy act and equity. Be careful. I’m still going to walk you through this because you need to learn what stuff to avoid and what to look for. It could potentially go higher. The bracket trade is very simple. But it’s got a weird personality. A potential long above $164.66. And a potential short below $163.70. So just be careful. It is a little crazy but I know some of you kind of like crazy so that’s why I’m showing it to you. But if it was me I wouldn’t touch it with the 10 foot pole. I also said about MRNA and said hey, I wouldn’t trade this because I don’t like crazy. It’s still a good long. It’s just if they ever come out with anything like let’s say they’re. I’m looking for vaccine. That’s what I’m looking for. They have problems like Johnson & Johnson or whatever Pfizer or whatever on then this thing will sell of crazy. I don’t like being long. This as a general rule but when you look back at the other one. Just be careful. This webinar is specifically for people that have weekly day jobs and if you live across upon and you don’t like attending webinars in the evening I get it. I understand. I’m going to do another live webinar on how to potentially make a $1,000 or more by risking only $156.25. That’s going to take place Saturday which is tomorrow. Actually it depends on when you’re receiving this video. The webinar is going to be Saturday, April 17th at 10AM. That’s when I’m doing the webinar. All you got to do is click the big orange button. First name, email and cell device and I will remind you to come to the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.