Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the market. So we’ve had an interesting couple days of volatility is still alive and well. One day it’s up. One day it’s down. We’ve had a little shift of the Nasdaq. It has been leading and that has slightly changed now. If you take a look at here at the Nasdaq at NQ you can see that it’s up $40 compare that to at YM which is the Dow it’s up #268. The Dow and S&P are taking a little bit of a lead away from the Nasdaq. Now, let’s take a look at Gold. I still think that Gold is going to make a move here any day now. You can see that we’ve got. Right now it’s down 10 cents on the day. But we’ve got this nice little sending trying and I’m looking for it to break above this area slightly above the $1,513 area . Let me see if that’s right $1,819 and then the next target will be $1,850 and then $1,900. Hubert.