Hubert Senters here. We’ve been getting some questions on Gamestop, GME. Want to know what’s going on and what you should do with it. You should be careful with it so there’s a Reddit forum called Wall Street Bets. There’s also Michael Burry which was famous in the movie. Big short was long in this company so it’s basically a group of people on a Reddit thread. There’s a lot. I think it’s like 2 million users or something like that. Not all 2 million are buying it obviously. But now, that this is a thing and it’s a theory that has been proven that those guys over there can actually move stop based upon all of them buying it pretty much. You should be able to create a filter. If you go to Reddit and you can go and read through all their threads you might be able to figure out what their next little project might be. So, trading off of this information, there’s nothing wrong with it. Now, The Reddit people they’re posting and they might have slightly decrease on that depending on who’s coming up with the research. So somebody make it hot water for it. It just depends how the securities, the SCC look at that. But here are some other sketchy ones that have the potential to explode. No promises but you can take a look at Gamestop, obviously. It looks like it’s going higher. Just be careful because it’s super. The short fold on it it’ss crazy and it’s obviously short squeeze but you can look at Blackberry. And you can also look at Nokia so basically anything that’s 90s old tech cellphones and stuff like that. They’re on the move too so if you want to partake. If you like a little risk in yourself and you can handle the volatility and the speculation. Those are two other companies that may follow in the shadows of GameStop and then just always want to make sure that you’re on top of the Reddit thread Wall Street Bets. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.