Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at GILD, Gilead Sciences. So as you can see it broke above the cloud it’s been a time doing the sideways consolidation shuffle. Then it broke out a consolidation on Friday and then we had a continuation on Monday. So now pretty much notes going up based upon breakaway consolidation breakaway. So now I’ll just put Mark’s magic math on it and see how it treated me. So here you have it. I have doubted then and you obviously see I’ve got the green bans what that means I want to be longer term long. And then you say OK gapped up. I can’t really mess with that unless I was very long on Friday which I wasn’t so I missed that. And then you’re selling OK it’s breaking away doing it to the high side. There’s a sell red dot. I don’t want to be on the sell side, I want to be on the buy side. Blue dot bah. And then I can either use this as my trailing stop-loss. I can use the bah and then the sell. Usually, this is how I use it though. Blue buy dot trailing stop is the red. So you’re long here and you stay all the way in it until around there. So I’ll give you a little math so we’ll say close there at $84.13 and then right up here close basically at $88.82. So about a 4 point move on a 10-minute chart. That’s not too shabby. Boring but if you stick to the rules sometimes you catch stuff like this. Mark Helweg and I we’re going to are going to be doing a special webinar on Wednesday, January 31st on ‘’The Simple Hedge Fund Strategy’’ which we’re going to be discussing this one actually. I’m going to hyperlink you to it there is what will be covered. I’ll be introducing. Mark will be doing his half and then I’ll do my half and then will do Q & A. So we’ll teach you how the hedge fund is strategy super simple and easy to follow. It’s called ‘’The Simple Hedge Fund Strategy.’’ ”CLAIM MY SPOT NOW” will register you for the webinar. I am going to hyperlink you to that page. Good luck. Hope it helps and I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.