Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at fractal patterns today. So fractal patterns actually looks like a way that you communicate in traffic when someone cut you off. It looks like a middle finger. So what you’re looking for in this chart pattern it can be either a long or a short a buy or a sell. What you’re looking for here. Let me remove Ichimoku, you know, kind of show itself a little bit better. Give me just a second. Off please. Right click format analysis technique Ichimoku status off.

What I’m looking at for here when I’m looking at it and it’ll just jump out at you once you start recognizing these things. So this is a high, that’s a low or high. And that’s a low or high. In other words, what you’re looking for is this. Here. Here and here. Now, you can also have where they’ve got another heel here and then another heel here. Actually looks like somebody is slipping you off so this would be a fractal short set-up.

This would be a fractal long set-up. And you’ll start seeing them through out of a lot of charts and they’re really good combination patterns in candlesticks. You can use them for bar charts too. I like candles though but ideally if you can look this one right here is just perfect to the downside. And this one’s perfect to the upside so I’ll get all the way here so you can see it right there. Let me zoom in. I can do a way better job if I zoom it in and you’ll see this pattern. It will just jump out at you. There you go.

So in this case once again you’ve got your top of the heel. You have your left hump and your right hump and I’m sure there’s a song about that somewhere. And then this would be the long side up requires three candlesticks. Two working combination is a pattern. You can also have a five so that’s three. This would be five. And in this case this would be five too. It’s a really good pattern to help you recognize turning points in the market. Make sure that you pay attention to it and add it to your trading log.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.