Hubert Senters here. Got a follow up question from Rolando. I saw Hubert’s video on how to improve exits. Thank you. But Hubert’s solution (SAR, stop and Reverse) needs time to develop and ‘Railroad Tracks’  deprives us of time. Unless, of course, we switch to a smaller time frame. Yes. This is what you have to do. If you’re looking for a one time frame and you’re trying to anticipate the price on another time frame. Let’s take for instance if we’re going to do a 10-minute chart. You could look at 1-minute chart and you can see a building over 1-minute increments or 2-minute charts and 2-minute increments going into it a 10-minute chart. That’s really the only way to do that. I think that the best solution to deal with ‘Railroad Tracks’ is to anticipate them. You can anticipate them but there’s still no way to physically in the real world test that without throwing a trade on. I mean and that’s where the risk comes in. So the only way to do that is go smaller time frame and test with small size on the trade setups. You could back test something. You could send it to a back testing person or programmer or techy or AI. You could have do that just because back tested well does not mean it will be profitable now currently in the present or in the future. It means to work in the past. But yeah, the only way you can do is go smaller time frame and really the only way to test stuff is to throw some money at it. Just those small amounts of money on it so if it’s wrong you don’t get hurt too bad then once you build up your confidence you can build up a bigger position in that type of trade or setup. Mark Helweg is going to be doing a special webinar tomorrow at noon on ”How to Take Small Risk and Target Massive Winning Trades”  I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. Have a good one. See you on the next one. Hubert.