Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the example on Facebook here of the UBE. So one of the thing stocks that I might like to follow, right. You can see this is just a 30 minute chart loaded up. This is the most recent winner was $29.4X. I’m just going to say it’s $29X versus your risk reward ratio and then $0.07. I’ll round that up against me. Say minus one, minus one, minus one, minus one, minus one. At that point you shouldn’t be scared right because you’ve already got $29 here so it would be $29, $28, $27, $26 $25 $24 $23. Okay. And now you have another successful trading because entry here, stop here, target 1 here, target 2 almost hit. That’s how I like to think about trading. It’s not the only way you can think about trading. Some people will tell you they have, you know, stuff that works 98% all the time. I just think when people tell you that they’re full of shit that’s just me personally. But anyway Mark Helweg and I are going to be putting on a special webinar online event on ‘’How to Trade Minnow Risk to Target Whale Profits.’’ Sounds exciting. Thursday, April 26th will be at 7:00 PM EST. We’ll be walking you through how we use low risk to potentially target high reward trades. So at least that time if you’re not 50 % accurate it shouldn’t mop you out. That’s why we use that strategy. I am going to hyperlink you to this page. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.