Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Netflix. Heads up, we’re right in the middle of earnings season and that means a lot of tech stocks are going to either meet, exceed or disappoint Wall Street. Now, as a business owner, I don’t think it makes sense to always be focused on quarterly events but that’s how the stock market works. And it’s more short term oriented than longer term oriented so you have to be careful when you’re in stuff like Netflix and Tesla and all the other half wires. And Apple had a new event today too. And as you can see I don’t even know what the news is on Netflix but whatever it is Wall Street didn’t like it. I don’t like at a ton of news because if you look at too much news you can say hey, the economy looks like it’s kicking on all 8 cylinders. Why is the stock market kind of not doing great like the indexes are doing good. But individual tech stocks and spacs are selling off like crazy. So you got to be a little careful with that stuff. But anyway, I just want to give you a heads up on Netflix. It’s selling off. It’s down $63 right now and after hours and you just have to be careful. What I like to do is wait if I’m in something. Wait until after earnings if I’m not in it. And then trade it after earnings because I can usually sometimes get a discount or I can play the breakout to the high side and that’s why we look at bracket trades. So tomorrow obviously Netflix will close and it will be a bracket trade and then we’ll trade it the day after tomorrow. Mark Helweg is going to be given a presentation over at Wealth 365 Thursday at 11AM. I’ll also be back over there Friday I believe at 11AM. I’m not sure what we’re going to talk about and will call Rob tonight and see what we’re going to talk about. But anyway, I want to give you the opportunity to register for Mark’s talk. He’s going to be talking about the NYSE tick. One of my favorite market internals and very useful if you know how to use it the right way. It is my belief that I give you a substantial edge over the competition. But you do have to know how to use it correctly. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Hubert.