Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Dropbox. The new symbol for Dropbox which just went IPO. Well, it’s one of the happier IPOs we’ve had in a while — actually a company. They’re still burning through money. They’re still losing money but not as bad as some tech companies. But anyway here’s how you play in my opinion the IPO market. So number one, you never play it the first day. Now, if you’re an angel investor or if you’re an investor in other words if you’re smart money or if your dumb money and there’s a difference in IPO and stuff and angel investing you’re already in this thing effectively at a lower rate. Now, there is the hold up here, you got the lock up here where you can’t sell for X amount of days depending on where you’re at. So what would usually happen is you’ll have an IPO. We’re going to mark this one right here opened up at around $29. It went from $29 all the way up within and this is a 1-minute chart. So less than 20 minutes, it went up to $31 from $29 to $31.50. Now, what they usually do — not all the time but this is a good general rule of thumb is if you can get it at $29 divided by $2, that’s a $50 percent discount overall now. That’s usually how I like to play IPOs. I like to let them either go from the high of $31.59 of their IPO initial day or their opening price. So let’s just take we’ll do both. If you go $29 divided by $2, what is that? So with that more math we will be looking to buy or enter Dropbox, DBX at a price of around $14.50 cents. Now, if we’re going to go $31.59, so let’s just go $31.60 divided by $2 that’s going to be $15.18. So we’re looking at anywhere from the $14 to $16 range is what we want to pay for this. That way we’re being discount shoppers and we don’t pay the highly inflated price of the IPO. Now, there’s another way to do it if you’re going ‘’man, what if it goes higher? What can I do?’’ Well then if it takes out $31.59 then you can buy pull back after it breaks through $31.59. This way it will enable you to still participate in some good volatile moves and IPOs without getting just raked over the coals. So be careful out here. I’ve been asked to be a special guest speakers at the Wealth 365 event. I’m going to be talking about ‘’How I Made $6281.25 in 10 days risking only $302.50 cents’’ so I am going to hyperlink you over there. It’s free to register. Just click the register for free and that will register you for the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you the next video. Hubert.