Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the markets. Heads up, I’m still starting to see some weirdness in the markets and it’s still little weak so just be careful out there. Things don’t always go up. That being said I’m going to show you something is going up because the rest of the world is kind of sideways slightly little and this did pretty decent today. A little Darden Restaurant so it has been above the cloud it pull back below the turning line touch the standard line trade it below it and right back. Now, it’s probably going to go higher but how much higher we’re going to use a Fib line. One, two, three to the high side. Next target $147, $156 and $164 to $169. I’m going to be doing a special webinar. I know either in this video or the other video that I do I hyperlink to the wrong page. I apologize. The webinar is going to be March 31st at 8PM EST and it is going to be me showing you how you can make a thousand dollars or more risking only $156.25. And these got all kinds of advantages to it and I’ll explain it on the live webinar so I’m going to HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Heads up, the GotoWebinar account that I use for this will only hold a thousand people. I know there would be more than a thousand people that register for this webinar. So if you’re really interested in the information it’s time to attend the webinar. Make sure you show up at least 15 minutes or maybe even 30 minutes ahead of time. That way you’ll increase your odds of actually getting in on the webinar because GotoWebinar once you hit a thousand they just stop letting people. Good luck. Hope it helps. And tonight I will try to actually link to this registration page. Hubert.