Hubert Senters here. This is an introduction video I’m travelling. I’ll be in Vegas this week and Mark Helweg is going to be filling in for me so I’m just letting you know so you’re not surprised. Without further ado I’m going to turn it over to Mark. Mark take it away. Thank you Hubert. Covering the final video for this week while he was away in Las Vegas. Let’s turn our attention towards the Dow Jones Industrial Average looking very strong right now. So if you haven’t noticed the November price right now, the current price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average we’re looking at the DIA which is the ETF the Dow Jones ETF. We are at new all time highs and that’s very interesting. So in theory we don’t have any overhead resistance and we just put in an element of cycle low here or cycle low here. So at a minimum we would expect to see a little bit of a fall through for normal duration up cycle which should carry us through the end of the year side. I believe that the S&P 500, the Dow and the Nasdaq are the stronger of the stock indices. The Russell 2000 is the weakest right now. So that hasn’t recovered nearly as much as the others and that is nowhere close to new highs at this point in time. So if you’re looking for a stronger play in the stock market I’d be looking at the Dow at the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 as well. So we’ll put QQQ up there as well and you’ll see that’s doing something very similar right new highs in QQQ and putting in a cycle low and which should carry us in theory higher in the stock market through year end including the Nasdaq market as well. So that is all for this video. Thanks for watching and have a super weekend.