Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at PNW first. What I do is I look for scanning. I scan both the hourly and the daily. So a 60 minute and a daily whether I’m above the cloud so you can see one day above the cloud and very close on that first day you see how it’s just barely above the cloud, there’s second day, there’s the third day. Any of these days, one, two or three and then little UBE pro do its magic math for me with Mark’s formula. And then I should have figure out what timeframe I want to trade with this thing. In this example is just a two minute chart timeframe obviously you’ve seen enough videos on this. You kind of know how it works. You’re looking for the small negatives and the bigger positive so plus 6 minus 1 plus 1.5 plus 4.8 minus 1 plus 3.8 plus 0.08 and then these two cancel so that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re going a little bit longer timeframe like say 10 minute numbers are going to be slightly off. If you’re doing super small you’re going to have more looks at the basket, that’s how it works so all you have to do is decide you make two lists, one long list, one short list. I’ve got a list of things that look really good on the long side overtime and really, really good on the short time so short side so uptrend and downtrend I have continuation longs and continuation shorts that are just making new highs and new lows. And then I have hey this is a new long and this is a new short so I have actually four list of things I look at. Continuation longs, new highs, new longs, continuation shorts, new lows and then I have ones that are just crossing above or below the cloud depending on which direction I want to play. I’ve got a long list and a short list that I just pick my timeframe, going over there and pay attention on the one that’s telling me that I should do according to the algorithm. Pretty simple. We’re going to be doing a webinar tonight at 7:00 PM explaining all this stuff to you. I’m going to hyperlink you to that page. Good luck. Hope it helps and I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.