Hubert Senters here. Shot a video week and a half two weeks ago talking about all these vial techs thinking that they had a cure for Covid-19. You just got to be careful on that stuff. A lot of times it may or may not be true. It’s kind of like cure for cancer. I know obviously cancer is hard to cure than Covid-19 but you have to be careful on this stuff. Just because you had one promising drug trial like this company but they said they had real promising. You can see it’s gone from $87 down to past $50 and it’s trading at $59. And a lot of the insider sold when it popped up there. Wonder why. Same thing that happened to GILD.  GILD they have a promising drug trial and it sold off after that so. When you see it happen next it’s a recurring thing. It’s kind of like a penny stock pumping dump. So what you do is you look at that and then you just throw a bracket on it and keep yourself safe. Let’s go back to the MRNA bracket trade. You wouldn’t have fell for it because it gap up. It didn’t take out $87 but it did take out $75 sucker trade short it. Don’t go long. Short it. And let it fill that gap and then let it drop and cover it on the way down. I’m going to be doing a webinar on how you are missing 95 percent of the tech gains in the public markets. I’m going to do a webinar and teach you how to invest in private companies of start-up investor as an angel investor. I’ve been doing it for years. I like the returns I’m getting from it. You may want to try it too. Webinar will be Wednesday, June 3rd at 8PM EST. I will HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Good luck. Hope it helps. And remember don’t fall for those sneaky little vial tech trades Hubert.